XL Trig

XL Trig is an Excel based application for Machinists; wither those that machine for a living or those who do it a hobby. A lifelong machinist, in the trade since 1965, conceived it.

This application was written with MS Excel 2000. It has many features including:

Bolthole circle data from 1 to 144 holes, no restriction on start point.

Trigonometry Calculations configured like machinery’s handbook.

Od threads, get pitch diameter, measurement over wires, wire size and alternate wire sizes.

Metric to inch conversion and vice versa.

Drill point data, you enter the diameter and choose from 118 and 135 degree points and get the length of the conical point.

Enter the diameter of the countersink you want and the angle of the countersink and get the depth to countersink to.

What angle to tilt Bridgeport type mill head to get radius other than cutter.

Offset Jaws for lathe (Make in Bridgeport Mill)

3 Pins …Measure holes with 3 gauge pins

40 To 1   …….Plate and holes for 40 to 1
dividing head

Speeds and Feeds ….Lathes and Mills


Tap Drills

Taper Threads

Spiraloc Threads

Metric Lead

One Wire Thread measurement


Segment of Radius


Sine Bar


In the CNC code Index you will find two indexes, one for mills one for lathes that have simple data entry and generate code for the following topics:


90 Deg Radius

Rough Bore

Rough Turn

Peck Drill

Squares in Lathes ….. On center and offset

Grooves with 2 Radii

Grooves with 4 Radii

Rod Wipers ………. AN and HD

Rough and Finish Grooves ………OD and ID

Face Groove ……..Rough and Finish


Counter bore with Z Counter bore with helical Z

Counter bore no Z

Elongated Counter bore

Peck Drill

Cost $20.00

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